We deal with the followings as well.

Other Sectors

We sell hardware spares of most of the leading brands. Our sister concern AriyanZ Infoway deals with this. AriyanZ Infoway is presently the OCS of Hp Cartridges. At the same  time AriyanZ Infoway is GID of world’s most leading brand “INTEL”.  So far as memory modules are concerned, AriyanZ Infoway is the ZAP partner of “ZION”.

Hardware Spare Selling

We sell both assembled/branded P.Cs and Laptops. So far as branded P.C and Laptops are concerned we deal with most of the leading brands like “Dell”, ”HP”, “Toshiba”, “Lenovo” etc.

P.C Selling

We work as Network Solution Provider of may organizations. This sector is handled by our sister concern AriyanZ Infoway. AriyanZ Infoway is presently the channel partner of worlds leading brands like “CISCO”, “3 COM”, “NETGEAR”, “D-LINK”, “MOLEX”.  In this sector we work on turnkey basis, from material supply to execution of jobs. Only in this segment we have maintained a staff strength of fifty.  

Network Solution Provider

We have a good team of software developers. We develop software as per client’s requirement. Two of our popularly selling softwares  are “PowerSmart (For FMCG sector)” And “PowerBlaze (For Cold Storage sector)”.

Software Development


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We have a very good team of Hardware engineers who work 24X7. For any types of problems feel free to contact us.

P.C Repair And Maintenance

Head Office Address :

Halisahar Sarkar Bazar

P.O :- Nabanagar

Dist. :- 24 Pgs. (N)

West Bengal


Contact Us :

Phone: 033-2588-5953

Mobile: 9903203394 / 9231993840

E-mail: ccti@chandacomputer.org

Regional Office Address :

Halisahar Station Road

Opp. Sthaniya Sangha Khelar Math.

Dist. : 24 Pgs. (N)

West Bengal